Saturday, 27 April 2013

Web Personalization Report and Power Point Presentation

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                 Web personalization is the process of customizing the content and the structure of a Web site to the specific and individual needs of each user, without requiring from them to ask for it explicitly.This can be achieved by taking advantage of the user’s navigational behaviour, as it can be revealed through the processing of the Web usage logs, as well as the user’s characteristics and interests. Suchinformation can be further analysed in association with the content of a Web site, resulting to improvement of the system performance, users’ retention and/or site modification.The overall process of Web personalization consists of five modules, namely: user profiling, log analysis and Web usage mining, information acquisition, content management and Web sitepublishing. 
                 Web personalization is a domain that has been recently gaining great momentum not only in the research area, where many research teams have addressed this problem from different perspectives, but also in the industrial area, where there exists a variety of tools and applications addressing one or more modules of the personalization process. Enterprises expect that by exploiting the information hidden in their Web server logs they could discover the interactions between their Web site visitors and the products offered through their Web site. Using such information, they can optimise their site in order to increase sales and ensure customer retention. Apart from Web usage mining, user profiling techniques are also employed in order to form a complete customer profile. Lately, there is an effort to incorporate web content in the recommendation process, in order to enhance the effectiveness of personalization. Thus web personalization has made web activities user-centric and has made the users an integrated part of the web environment.  


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  1. Ajinkya Mandhare27 April 2013 at 14:09

    Excellent work on Web Personalization.A nice report and a wonderful presentation.A good piece of work!!


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